Ad-pods Bluetooth Marketing is an incredible success story and was the birth of the entire iReally marketing systems. In January 2008 we launched the Ad-pods website and deployed a big social media marketing campaign (which became iSocial) and within 7 weeks the website was delivering 60,000 views and had the highest traffic for any bluetooth marketing company in the world. Over the next 12 months we then continued to tweak different online strategies and built the first iSite. We then built a network of iSites did iPush marketing iStream video marketing and made the ad-pods website the juggernaut in its industry getting 10 times the amount of worldwide traffic that the nearest competitor receives. Ad-pods is a worldwide page 1 ranked company that has defined its industry and the foundation for this are all the services you now see on the iReally website.

In summary Ad-pods went from zero to a global reach of over 250,000 views per month across the network and now has over 350+ affiliates in over 40 countries and this has been achieved using only iReally marketing methods and systems.


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What separates iReally from "traditional" web design firms is that we are professional Internet marketers. We run a network of hundreds of websites for our own companies. Promoting our own businesses with incredibly successful Internet campaigns all our own businesses have become market leaders and among the worlds biggest sites in their industries.