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icontactPhones are now integral to everyday life but the role of the mobile is changing. Phones are now the Internet in your pocket if you are not promoting your business to mobiles do you think you might just be missing out?

What is iContact?

iContact is everything you need to successfully begin marketing your business to the billions of mobile phones in the world. We have 2 very unique aspects to iContact that are both incredibly powerful we have the ability to send adverts to mobile phones for free as well as a system to be able to monetize your interaction with mobile phones. The combination of the two is extremely powerful and lucrative allowing you to find new customers as well as build mobile phone contacts list and make ongoing business revenue.



Do you know that there are.......

  • More mobile phones than Cars (worldwide)
  • More mobile phones than Computers (worldwide)
  • More mobile phones than Credit Cards (worldwide)

How Does iContact work?

We have two parts to iContact the first is powered by our sister company ad-pods.com which is the worlds no1 bluetooth marketing company. Using an ad-pod you can send adverts to thousands of mobile phones for free using bluetooth. Unlimited Free advertising using an Eco friendly medium this in itself is very powerful but when you combine this with true mobile commerce and telephony services the potential is amplified enormously. Through our sister company interconnect2 we have access to a huge range of telephony products allowing sms and premium rate marketing, content distribution and much more. This along with some other great online tactics can monetize and grow your marketing list in ways previously not possible.


  • True Viral Marketing mobile phone adverts always get passed on to friends
  • Eco Friendly Free advertising
  • Build a list of phone numbers
  • Make ongoing money from phones with our monetization strategies

To start using the power of iContact mobile marketing in your business get in touch with us today.



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