Dominate Your Market With Hundreds Of Page 1 Websites!


If it were possible to make one website rank for all your products then every time you did a google search all you would get would be amazon and ebay results!


Most SEO is a blatant lie.

Controversial but true. Web designers and search engine optimizers play on companies lack of Internet knowledge and blatantly pass off SEO work by talking about on page keywords and meta tag tweaks. They charge a fortune for it and cover themselves by telling companies in advance that it could take months to see results.We have even seen scandalous companies saying for £99 they guarantee a page 1 google placement in under 7 days and all they are doing is setting up a google adwords account. It is shocking and wrong but unfortunately this is widespread and happening all the time.


So what actually works?

The single biggest thing that works is back-links. If another site in your business niche links to you then its like a positive vote and this is the single biggest factor to ranking well. Sure getting the right content and copy plays a part along with some other factors but the biggest factor is links and the right kind of links. You can't go and buy links from spam sites that's a quick way to get your site banned but getting good links is crucial however it is actually very hard to do by traditional methods. We have several solutions to this that work incredibly well and the bedrock of getting your site links and getting it ranked fast for all your major keywords is the iSite system.

What are iSites?


iSites are next generation Internet marketing websites that will drive tonnes of traffic and propel any business up the search engines in record time. We have designed the iSite system to be unique and there is nothing like it on the Internet. The iSite system evolved because we developed it to market our own businesses and on the back of the iSite system companies we own like ad-pods become industry leaders dominating their market.

iSites are highly targeted high impact websites that are targeted to rank for one of your major "buying" keyword phrases. Because they are targeted to rank for one phrase they are perfectly optimized and rank incredibly well. They then send all the traffic and link power to your main website that makes your main website rise fast in the search engines.



  • iSites drive a tonne of traffic
  • iSites rank in record time
  • iSites self promote
  • iSites convert wasted traffic
  • iSites build your mailing list
  • iSites build your Social Media presence
  • iSites index hundreds / thousands of pages
  • iSites will get you multiple page 1 rankings
  • iSites drive your main website up the search engines
  • and much much more.........

iSites are a turnkey marketing system:

Isites grow with unique content that you don't need to write.
Imagine having a website with literally thousands of pages of content you did not have to waste weeks or months writing.
Imagine having thousands of pages of content  that is relevant and current to your marketplace that you did not even have to lift a finger for.

This is just part of what an iSite offers but it is the single most powerful system for driving traffic and rank on the Internet.


iSites are a marketing powerhouse and incredibly affordable

iSites are not only the most powerful marketing website available they are also the most affordable.

For Costings on iSites, please contact us for more information tailored to your needs.

iSites are the single most powerful marketing system on the Internet bar none and it is priced to help companies achieve success at a price that is affordable to anyone.

When used in conjunction with iPush and iStream you have an extremely powerful marketing campaign that will drive a lot of traffic and greatly improve your online visibility and search engine ranking.
Contact us today to discuss how we can use the power of iSites to help you dominate your marketplace.



What separates iReally from "traditional" web design firms is that we are professional Internet marketers. We run a network of hundreds of websites for our own companies. Promoting our own businesses with incredibly successful Internet campaigns all our own businesses have become market leaders and among the worlds biggest sites in their industries.